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Apple iPad Pro 10.5 2017

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 2017
Brand: Apple
Category: Mobiles
  • RAM
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  • Design 5 / 10
  • Display 6 / 10
  • Camera 5 / 10
  • Multimedia 6 / 10
  • Features 5 / 10
  • Connectivity 6 / 10
  • Call Quality 5 / 10
  • Usability 6 / 10
  • Performance 5 / 10
  • Battery 6 / 10

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 2017 Price and Specification

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esign and Display: The Perfect Canvas

The iPad Pro 10.5 featured a sleek and compact design, maintaining the premium build quality associated with Apple products. The standout feature was the 10.5-inch Retina display with ProMotion technology, providing a stunning canvas for a wide range of tasks. The increased screen real estate, combined with a resolution of 2224 x 1668 pixels, delivered sharp visuals, vibrant colors, and smooth responsiveness.

ProMotion technology introduced a 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring that interactions with the iPad Pro 10.5 felt incredibly fluid. Whether scrolling through documents, drawing with the Apple Pencil, or playing games, the display responded with remarkable precision.

Performance: A Powerhouse Under the Hood

At the heart of the iPad Pro 10.5 was the A10X Fusion chip, featuring a six-core CPU and a twelve-core GPU. This powerhouse of processing capabilities ensured that the iPad Pro 10.5 could handle demanding tasks with ease, from complex productivity workflows to graphics-intensive applications.

The improved performance not only catered to everyday tasks but also empowered users to engage in resource-intensive activities, making the iPad Pro 10.5 a true workhorse for professionals and creatives.

iOS 11 and Multitasking: Unleashing Productivity Potential

Shipping with iOS 10 initially and later upgradable to iOS 15, the iPad Pro 10.5 brought a host of multitasking features to the table. With Slide Over, Split View, and the Dock, users could seamlessly navigate between apps, enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows. The Files app provided a centralized hub for managing documents, further integrating the iPad into professional environments.

The iPad Pro 10.5, with iOS 11 and subsequent updates, transformed into a versatile productivity tool, bridging the gap between tablet and laptop functionalities.

Apple Pencil Support: Precision Redefined

One of the defining features of the iPad Pro 10.5 was its support for the second-generation Apple Pencil. The ProMotion display’s 120Hz refresh rate, combined with the enhanced responsiveness of the Apple Pencil, delivered an unparalleled level of precision for artists, designers, and note-takers. The Apple Pencil became more than just a stylus; it became a tool that allowed users to express their creativity with unprecedented accuracy.

Whether sketching, annotating documents, or editing photos, the Apple Pencil support elevated the iPad Pro 10.5 into a canvas for limitless creative possibilities.

Smart Keyboard: Transforming into a Laptop Replacement

For users seeking a laptop-like experience, the iPad Pro 10.5 offered compatibility with the Smart Keyboard. The Smart Keyboard, seamlessly integrated with the iPad Pro, provided a tactile typing experience and turned the tablet into a versatile 2-in-1 device. The combination of the Smart Keyboard and iPad Pro 10.5 allowed users to tackle productivity tasks with efficiency, making it a compelling option for professionals on the go.

The Smart Keyboard, coupled with the power of iOS 11’s multitasking features, reinforced the iPad Pro 10.5’s position as a potential laptop replacement for certain use cases.

Cameras and AR Capabilities: Expanding Horizons

The iPad Pro 10.5 featured a 12-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization, capable of capturing high-quality photos and 4K video. The front-facing 7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera catered to video calls and selfies. While tablet photography was not the primary use case, the advanced camera capabilities added value for users interested in content creation.

Additionally, the iPad Pro 10.5 leveraged its powerful hardware for augmented reality (AR) experiences. The combination of the A10X Fusion chip and ARKit, Apple’s AR development platform, opened new possibilities for interactive and immersive applications.

Battery Life: Sustaining the Powerhouse

Despite the enhanced performance and capabilities, the iPad Pro 10.5 maintained a commendable balance between power and battery life. Users could expect a full day of usage on a single charge, ensuring that the tablet remained a reliable companion throughout demanding workflows or extended creative sessions.

The efficiency of the A10X Fusion chip and optimizations in iOS contributed to a device that prioritized endurance without compromising on performance.

ProMotion Display and True Tone: A Feast for the Eyes

The ProMotion display, with its 120Hz refresh rate, provided more than just smooth interactions. It dynamically adjusted the display’s refresh rate based on the content, preserving battery life when high refresh rates weren’t necessary. True Tone technology adapted the display’s color temperature to the ambient lighting conditions, reducing eye strain and creating a more comfortable viewing experience.

The combination of ProMotion and True Tone technologies showcased Apple’s commitment to delivering not just power but also a delightful and user-friendly display experience.

Legacy and Impact: Shaping the Future of Tablets

The Apple iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) left an indelible mark on the tablet landscape, setting new standards for performance, versatility, and creative capabilities. Its impact extended beyond its release, influencing subsequent iPad Pro models and the broader tablet market.

The iPad Pro 10.5 played a pivotal role in positioning the iPad as a viable device for professionals, creatives, and users seeking a powerful and














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